American Youth

Fashion photography is the strong passion as well as source of inspiration for agency head Nina Klein. Due to her love for fashion magazines she started together with art director Oliver Daxenbichler the annually published fashion and art magazine EDITORIAL for which they were nominated by the Tokyo Type Directors Club. The latest issue was honored with a silver medal by the German Designer Club last year.

The publication became a communication channel of Nina Klein agency and reflects the zeitgeist and spirit of the agency.

Instagram and Me
For this year's Editorial by Nina Klein we'd like to convert modern ways of seeing into print, taking the digital image out of its normal context. In the form of an "Instagram Interview", we want to see how our "digital me" really operates. What are we posting and where do we draw the line? How much reality do we reveal and how do we present ourselves? What kinds of images are we attracted to and which ones do we think are worth sharing? Do the "new" instant images measure up with the "old/analog" ones or do they set new standards? Have these images changed the way we see things or is the flood of imagery perhaps only digital white noise, where crafting images isn't really the focus. Creative Director by Christiane Bördner/The Gaabs, design by Kristin Fichner/The Gaabs.

American Youth by Brad Elterman
The upcoming edition is a glimpse into the lifes of the cool kids in Los Angeles captured by the renowned rock star photographer Brad Elterman. A series of beautiful photos of the talented Chelsea Schuchman taken at various locations in and around Los Angeles run like a red thread throughout all magazine pages. Creative direction and design by Oliver Daxenbichler, styling by Christiane Graf, hair and make-up by Janina Zais.

Caroline de Maigret photographed by Annemarieke van Drimmelen
Dedicated to Dutch designer Ulrika Lundgren and her fashion label RIKA — Nina assembled a team that couldn't have been better suited to the spirit of RIKA: co-initiator and stylist Christiane Graf from Hamburg and international hair and make-up artist Vera Diercks, both represented by ninaklein.com. Appearing in front of the camera in homage to the designer is the amazing French model Caroline de Maigret, photographed by Dutch photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen. For the artwork, Nina once again went with art director Oliver Daxenbichler.

Nada Lottermann featuring Vanessa Fuentes
The multi-talented half Serbian and half Greek stylist Nada Lottermann and her female friend Vanessa Fuentes photographed themselves at their studio with a sometimes naive approach and an arresting and unusual perspective on fashion. Nadal work is very emotional and her intimate subject matter runs through these pages like a common thread too. And every now and then she produces work so inspiring that it elicits a quiet Wow!

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